Copper Mudra Set Box – Sampusta




Copper Mudra Set Box or we call it as Sampusta which holds mudra set with Gopichandana, For the spiritual progress of a Human Being, both internal austerity as well as external austerity is quite essential. While noble thoughts and devotion to God constitute the practices such as Gopichandana Nama Mudra Dharana constitute the external austerity. Many of our holy scriptures proclaim that both of these are very essential for a person. Procedure for Mudradharana for Men What you need: 1. A block of Gopichandana 2. Two separate vessels (one containing water for achamana and other for Vishnu nirmalya) 3. Pancha Mudra Set (Chakra, Shanka, Gada, Padma, Narayana Mudra).

  • Pooja Purpose
  • Primary material : Copper